Monday, 8 June 2015

My apologies to all for my very slow update to this blog, I will endeavor to be more prompt in updates. The photos below represent a massive amount of completed effort and work by our dedicated volunteers and the gracious assistance of the Lafarge company along with the City of Ottawa.

Now that the late frost has come and gone we gardeners can concentrate on getting all of our seedlings and seeds in the ground where they belong. And on that note the executive would like to pass on one more advisory for all gardeners.

Over the past few weeks we have received complaints from a number of gardeners regarding stolen items from various garden plots, including newly planted seedlings. We would like all gardeners to be very vigilante when out in their plots. If you see someone suspicious that you do not recognize as a member of GAGA please ask them who they are.  If you see a suspicious vehicle in the area please note the vehicle description and license plate if possible and report it to one of the executive. We have already received a few reports on vehicles and have reported them to the police. 

PLEASE DO NOT put yourself in harms way when challenging someone, just record any information that you can and forward it to the executive.

The Orient Park road crew preparing to fill in the all the pot holes - Many thanks to Lafarge, the City of Ottawa, Mr. Paul Mekis and our Past President Mr. George Bushell and of course our new President Mr. John ApSimon
Photo compliments of Mr. Ian Dale

Photo compliments of Mr. Ian Dale