Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Just a quick note from the President of the Gloucester Alottment Garden Association:

"2016 season ready to go
Greetings to all GAGA gardeners
So another growing season is here. I wish you all abundances of produce and fewer weeds.
The tilling of plots was finished on Saturday May 6. Staking took place over the weekend as well and I thank all volunteers who participated in this task. Compost will NOT be delivered until the long weekend. City wide load restrictions on roads are still in effect until that time. Water will likely also be turned on at that time and at Anderson water delivery cannot be carried out until the road load restrictions are lifted. I remind all 
gardeners  to leave a 10 foot (3 M) space at the front of your plots if you are planting early. This is to allow for the placement of the compost loads. Anything in this space will likely be buried. Additionally, when planting and organizing  for this year  I remind you of the need to leave a 1 foot space at the edge of your plots. This provides  a buffer between adjacent plots and allows for better access for all.

Finally I urge you to get to know your neighbours and other gardeners so that any intruders can be identified and hopefully we can try to control some pilfering.

I wish you all the best for this season.


John ApSimon