Thursday, 5 October 2017

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, and on that note Louis has asked me to post the following information on the upcoming Clean Up Day which is scheduled for the Saturday following the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend.

Fall clean-up at Orient Park will occur on Saturday, October 14.  In case of persistent rain, the clean-up will take place the following day, Sunday, October 15.
Annual plots need to be cleared of large vegetation (e.g. corn stalks) and non-compostable items (netting, twine, soil covers, garden hoses and tools, tomato cages, sticks and supports, etc.) by Friday, October 13, at the latest.  GAGA cannot be held responsible for any items left on plots by clean-up day.  Clean-up day is not meant for clearing one’s individual plot; attendance by gardeners tending exclusively to their personal plot will not count towards the rebate for the 2018 season.
Volunteers are to arrive for 8:00 a.m., dress to suit the weather, and supply their own tools (pitch fork or spade) to move compost material.  Volunteers need to register their attendance with the official attendance-taker present that day.
There will be two trucks and one front-loader to assist with removing compostable materials and remaining garbage.
Volunteers will be required to:
- load garbage and non-compostable items into one truck;
- remove large organic matter from annual plots that were not cleared by that day (a list of gardeners in default or gardeners who did not remove non-compostable items from their annual plot will be compiled);
- bring small piles of organic matter left at the side of plots or in ditches to the middle of the road to facilitate removal by the contractor; and,
- load by pitch fork or by hand compost materials onto the truck.
With enough volunteers, clean-up should be done by 12:00 noon