Monday, 2 October 2017

Hello fellow gardeners! Here are a few more events/happenings that maybe of interest to some of you, compliments of our friends at Just Food:

Just Food is looking for volunteers for barn raising work days to get pre-fab trusses installed as a roof, if you have some time you can give, please let us know! 
Looking for volunteers with or without construction experience to assist.

Build days are this Thursday, October 5 and Friday, October 6 - working in three hourshifts between 8:00 am - 6:00 pm at the Just Food Farm (2389 Pepin Court).

Contact Phil at to confirm when you will be able to attend.  Please wear closed toed shoes and bring water.

Hope to see you there! 

Here's a sneak preview for Just Food newsletter members of an upcoming free event celebrating Good Food in Ottawa.  Next week we'll send you the formal invitation with more details and ask that you also send throughout your networks, but for now, we just want you to know to hold the date and time:
Saturday, October 14th

Eaters from across Ottawa are invited to a celebration at Just Food Farm (2389 Pepin Court), put on by many partners:
·  Be the first to see the new community pavilion, new solar project showpiece, and the newly renovated community barn
·  Hear two inspiring young speakers who connect local to global food issues   
·  View a new community art show and new food forests
·  Celebrate the harvest and Ottawa’s rural life
·  Celebrate 20 years of community gardening in Ottawa
·  Listen to live musicians
·  Enjoy local food samples (free samples, food options for purchase, and also encouraging folks to bring your own picnics to enjoy on site)
·  Take a wagon ride or walking tour and learn more about what is growing at the farm
·  Enjoy a free sample of Beau’s craft beer
It's going to be a lot of fun! 
Let's celebrate Good Food together
The Just Food Team
(613) 699-6850


On Saturday, October 14th, between 11am-3pm, eaters from across Ottawa are invited to a celebration at Just Food Farm, with a special invitation to all past and present community gardening members, contributors, friends & family.
What are we celebrating? 
As a preview, did you know this is the 20th year of the Community Gardening Network (CGN)?  It's true!  In 1997, four communities came together to help start gardens and formed the initial Community Gardening Network, a Network devoted to resource sharing & collaboration on issues impacting its members. These gardens are still gardening today: Gloucester Allotment Gardens Association, Carlington Community Garden, Strathcona Heights Community Garden and Bytown Urban Garden (BUGs). 
Today we are proud to say that the CGN has 94 garden members all over Ottawa, in this its 20th year!  
To get to this number, Mayor Watson and City of Ottawa gave additional funds towards a community garden legacy project with the goal to start 20 new gardens in the past three years in time to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada.  Our community has achieved this all together!
This is truly something we can be proud.  We’re very proud of how community gardening has taken off over the last 20 years.  We’re proud that these projects are community owned & community led & we want to continue these traditions for the next 20 years.  As a Network we’ll continue to welcome more individuals, communities & gardens to be part of our shared growing gardening community.

Let's celebrate Good Food together!

The Just Food Team.