Thursday, 27 April 2017

Hello everyone! Please find a quick note from Mr. Jordan Bouchard from the Community Gardening Network of Ottawa:

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Hello Everyone!
This is a thread I want to create to get everyone more familiar with the system & each other
Please reply to this thread to see how easy it is to respond to group queries!  You can tell us a bit about yourself, how long you have been growing & your favourite plant to grow!
To create other threads, just use the email address with the "" domain & all members of the Group will receive the email!

I'll go first.  

I'm Jordan Bouchard I have been living in Ottawa for almost a decade at this point -  I moved to Ottawa to attend university & I never left.  My roots are based in the prairies, as I grew up in Southern Saskatchewan on a grain & hog farm, which is where my interest in the Food & Agriculture system was sown.  I have now been with Just Food for 3 years.  

My favourite crop to grow is winter squash.  Provided you have the room to grow it, I find it to be an incredibly worthwhile crop to grow due to it's astonishing yield & easy storability. The diversity of shapes, styles, sizes, & flavours is also very exciting to me. I also find it to be an easy crop to grow, as it seems to grow very well in our hot short seasons here in the Ottawa Valley!

Thanks everyone!  I'm really looking forward to our 2017 season.


Jordan Bouchard
Just Food
Community Gardening Network of Ottawa
Community Garden Development Fund
613-699-6850 x12
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